LIVE Recording 

Keep your ears open!! Buster Jiggs is talking about doing a LIVE Recording before the end of the year. Once everything has been ironed out and the details are set we will let you know where you need to be and what you need to do to be apart of it!!

EP: Dirty Little Secrets 

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Released: Mar 09, 2013

1. Soul Like A Rocket
2. So I Say
3. Pryin' Eyes
4. Break The Locks
5. Wish I Coulda Loved You





"Buster Jiggs has been one of my favorite bands for a few years. As a whole, they’re moving in a more rock & roll direction, which works wonderfully for them. Their EP “Dirty Little Secrets” leads off with the track “Soul Like a Rocket” that blends Kristin’s unique voice with some gritty guitar playing and it is marvelous. They’re working on finding their niche and if hearing their progress as they maneuver through means more tracks like this one, I’m excited."
               Favorites of 2013
               Posted by Galleywinter on Mon, December 16, 2013

"At times, Kristin will remind me of Lucinda Williams or even Liz Calendar of the Red River Mudcats. No wilting wallflower here. Kristin captures the listener’s attention and draws you in with each note. Think Maria McKee during her Lone Justice days, just minus the extra helping of vocal twangery."
           -Andrew W. Griffin "
             Red Dirt Report

"The sultry vocal of Kristin Muennink fits the bands barroom blend of soul and twangy rock with a dash of blues thrown in for good measure. "
          - The Gobblers Knob

"Buster Jiggs have found the perfect balance of driving rock instrumentals that compliment and contrast with the smooth and flowing vocals of lead singer, Kristin Muennink. Soul Like A Rocket is an EP that may only have 5 tracks, but still gives you the experience of a full length album. At its core are clear vocals and focused lyrics backed with powerful and emotional instrumentals, all hallmarks of good Americana music."
          -Tony Wise
          Southern Music Scene